Lucy Gleisz



Crochet Beginners Workshop

Do you want to learn how to Crochet and be able to create beautiful Mandalas, Baby Clothes, warm Granny Square Blankets or elegant crochet summer dresses?

I’m Lucy a Crochet Designer from Italy and for the last 15 years, I’ve been designing and creating Crochet dresses for Italian stylists and teaching Crochet at events in Italy and the UK. Recently I moved to beautiful Budapest and decided to open Workshops to share my knowledge and experience, Crochet is a beautiful art. 

I plan to organise various kinds of Crochet workshops here in Budapest and around some European capitals. The workshops will be various starting with beginners workshops to Fashion Crochet Courses.

Beginners Workshop

Where you will learn the basic about hooks and yarns and basic stitches, I want to make sure though that even during a beginners workshop you’ll be able to go home knowing how to make beautiful things with the new art you’ve just learned. 

Intermediate Workshop

Intermediate workshops will be focusing on teaching different stitches, augmentation and dimensions making sure you learn everything you need to be able to make a little more complex projects… 

Fashion Crochet Workshop

During this workshop, you will learn how to modify clothes using Crochet techniques and you will learn how to make basic Crochet tops, bikinis, skirts and much more…

Fashion Crochet Course

During the Fashion Crochet Course will teach you how to make from simple dresses and jackets to very elaborated evening dresses or wedding dresses, this is a longer course and the dates will be announced soon…


Lucy Gleisz Crochet mandala

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May Workshops


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