Crochet Is Freedom

Many ask me why I love to crochet so much… And the answer is always the same: Crochet brings me freedom and self-confidence I can create anything I want with yarn and is special and unique there is no item 100% looking the item I just created…

I start this new journey showing to you guys the tools I use to create my patterns on a daily basis… for an artist their tools are the most important thing to them and so its to me my hooks are the extension of my hand, not all the hooks are my favourites I must say that some of them I tried once and never used again but, I’ll be talking about my favourite hooks in future posts… 🙂

Crochet Supplies

Crochet Supplies

I keep my hooks inside this little glass vase on the shelf of the library in the living room, I love walking by and seeing them there waiting for me 🙂 it brings me inspiration… As you can see I prefer simple metal hooks with no plastic or silicon holders, maybe because my hands are too small so after some time crocheting my hands start hurting…  Even the cutters are small…


Crochet for me is freedom, therapy, my work and my hobby at the same time. Crochet is colour. Crochet gives you the opportunity to create whatever you want, whenever you want with anything you want.

What is Crochet for you?

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